Welcome to SoloDuo Music

We are friends from Ireland now living in Perth who share the same passion for quality electronic music. Through living and working here, we’ve had the opportunity to experience the night life and music scene Perth city has to offer.

One of our main goals is to contribute to the potential that exists in Perth for quality electronic live music events, through the discovering and promotion of new artists and collaboration with other like-minded people. We would love to see Perth attract the great underground artists that regularly visit Sydney and Melbourne. We believe the future of electronic music in Perth is bright.

We also aim to bring you a selection of the best tracks in our podcast series. The SoloDuo Podcast brings you the latest and freshest tunes mixed with classic tracks from various electronic music genres. From house to funk or chill to disco, deep house, techno and tech house; we love it all! So don’t miss out on anything and subscribe to our podcast series today.

If you are interested in being featured in our podcast series, please visit the contact page.

We look forward to all your feedback and hope to see you at future events.



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